Emre Yusufı


19.01.1981 in Istanbul. Turkish graphic designer, art director, artist. Graduated from Accademia Italiana of Fine Art School in Florence, received his B.A. from Marmara University Fine Arts Faculty of graphic arts and received his M.A. from Yeditepe University of visual communication design and graphic arts. After scholarship, he became co-founder of LEMONADE “Refreshing Ideas” advertisement agency as the chief art director. Currently with the creative team he is managing campaigns and ads for the Turkish market. Beside the advertisement career, he is also joining international art exhibitions in Italy and Istanbul. With his projects he meets the art-lovers around the world.
2017 Euroexpoart Vernice Art Fair Forli 
2017 "Far/Close Space " Exibition Russo Art Gallery Roma-İstanbul
2017 Vernice Art Fair Forli Neoartgallery A.C.Roma
2017 Palm Beach Art Fair Marc Hachem Gallery
2016 Miami Art Fair Marc Hachem Gallery 
2016 Contemporary İnternational Art Fair İstanbul Russo art Gallery Rome
2016 " Metamorphosi"Exibition Venanzo Crocetti Museum Rome
2016 Euroexpoart Vernice Art Fair Forli- Italy
2016 Premio  Coine Vernice Arte Fiera Forli
2016 "Rice and Shine" Exibition Russo Art Gallery Roma-İstanbul
2016 Istanbul - Artist - Tuyap Istanbul
2016 Vernice Art Fair, Forlì -Italy
2016 Euroexpo Art, Forlì-Italy
2015 Premio Coine Vernice Arte Fiera Forli-Italy
2015 Artist Tuyap art Fair İstanbul Neoartgallery A.C Roma
2015 Vernice Forlì premio Immagina Arte in Fiera-Italy
2015 Vernice Art Fair, Forlì-Italy
2015 Parm Art Fair, Parma-Italy
2015 Reggio Emilia Fuarı, Immagina Arte – Italy
2015 Artist Tuyap İstanbul
2014 İmmagina Arte in Fıera Reggio Emilia
2014 Artist Tuyap Art Fair İstanbul Neoartgallery A.C.Roma 
2014 Quintessenze, Complesso Monumentale dell’Abbazia Greca di San Nilo
2014 Immagina Arte in fiera, Reggio Emilia – Italy
2014 Artist Contemporary fair Tuyap İstanbul
2013 A la Salida, Galleria Borghese, Mentana
2012 Artexpo Fiera, Arezzo, Italy
2011 Reggio Emilia Fuarı, Immagina Arte – Italy
2011 Immagina Arte in Fiera, Reggio Emilia, Italy
2010 Quintessenze, Museo delle Scuderie Aldobrandini, Frascati
2010 Reggio Emilia Fuarı, Immagina Arte – Italy
2010 Immagina Arte in Fiera, Reggio Emilia, Italy
2010 Istanbul - Artist - Tuyap Istanbul
2010 Getty images Advertisement Contest
Designer of global Sprite glass
Designer of Schweppesglass
Designer of Cappyglass Designer of Damla
(The Coca-CompanyWater Brand)
Glass Designer of MARLBORO Istanbul
Concept Package
Designer of Olmeca Tequila Duty Free Package
Designer of Olmeca Make The Move platform
Creative Director of Philip Morris Muratti
brand campaigns
Creative Director of RE/MAX Real Estate campaigns
Creative Director of Exotic Natural Fruit
Juice campaigns
Creative Director of Sinbo House hold
Appliances campaigns
Creative Director of Efes Pilsener
“Endless Summer” campaign
Creative Director of Pernod Richard OLMECA Tequila
Creative Director of Milford Obaçay Tea campaigns
Creative Director of Republic of Turkey Ministry of
Culture and Tourism Museums
Brand Identity Project
Creative Director of Wyndham Grand Hotel Istanbul
Creative Director of L’OREAL Paris Istanbul
Creative Director of BMW Distrubutor of Turkey
2016 Huriyet Red award / Turkey
2016 Premio Coine Secondo Premio / Vernice Art
Fair Forlì
2015 Premio Speciale Coine / Vernice Art Fair Forlì
2014 Turkish Packaging Design Contest –
Competency Award/Turkey
2012 Hurriyet Red Advertisement Award
2010 Getty images Advertisement Contest Turkey
1st place