Responsible: Massimo Duranti

Scientific Committee: Massimo Duranti, Andrea Baffoni and Fabrizio Russo

Contact person: Francesca Romana Russo

Tato was a leading figure in the developments of Futurism from the mid-1920s onwards, signing the Manifesto of Futurist Aeropainting in 1931 and other posters with Marinetti. Avant-garde photographer in the footsteps of Bragaglia, aeropainter, muralist, ceramist, finally returning to his original, decisive expressionism, Tato left with his work an unmistakable imprint in the art in Italy of the thirties and forties.

The Tato Archives will express judgments on the authenticity of the artist’s works and will promote the drafting and publication of the general catalog of his works.

For information contact archivitato@gmail.com