Alessandro Bruschetti





Born in Perugia in 1910, he trained at the Art Institute and the Academy of Fine Arts of the city. He followed the Roman courses of the Institute for Restoration in 1932, coming into contact with Gerardo Dottori. Also in that period, one of his first works, “Dinamismo di cavalli” was noticed by Filippo Tommaso Marinetti, who opened the doors of the futurist environment. He was an excellent restorer and teacher who, apparently following the aeropictorial language of his fellow citizen, the older Gerardo Dottori, one of the protagonists of Futurism, was instead able to give an imprint of originality to his futurist language. So much so that F.T. Marinetti F.T. Marinetti himself, seeing his dynamism of horses of the early thirties, decreed his entry into his movement. His avant-garde painting is imbued with mysticism and lyricism like that of Doctors for the Umbrian-Franciscan environment common to the two experiences, but Bruschetti's analyticity, chromatic clarity and formalism soon reveal themselves. He will participate in the Marinetti group in all the most important exhibitions in Italy and abroad (Venice Biennials, Rome Quadrennials, exhibitions in Berlin, Istanbul). Meanwhile, he had established himself as one of the most qualified restorers in Italy, after having brilliantly attended the high school for restoration in Rome, and he too began teaching artistic subjects between Umbria and Lombardy. In 1941, together with the Dottori he signed the Umbrian Manifesto of aeropainting. After moving to Brugherio, in Lombardy, he proposed an anthological exhibition in 1975 at the Museum of Science and Technology in Milan.