Arnaldo Pomodoro





One of the greatest contemporary Italian sculptors, brother of the well-known sculptor Giò Pomodoro. Arnaldo is famous above all for the particular bronze spheres, a favorite material for his works, whose particularity and uniqueness is given by the fragmentation, or by the "breaking" of the parts, which leads the viewer to search for an internal mechanism, a constant search between perfection of form and the hidden complexity of the interior. In the early 1950s he developed a great passion for sculpture; he uses an informal language that evolves and adapts according to the medium used. Gold, silver, wood, iron, concrete and bronze are the materials used for the monumental and small-format sculptures. In 1961 and 1962, together with Lucio Fontana, participates in the informal "Continuity" movement thanks to which he refines his stylistic code and acquires a personal style expressed in the balance between external geometries and internal mechanisms, especially in monumental works. Rigorous geometric spirit and essentiality are the predominant traits of his art; in his compositions the monumentality is combined with the inner structure. The external space does not exist: everything takes place inside, in the "bowels" enclosed by the smooth and shiny walls, by clear volumes, perfectly delineated. As he himself affirms, the relationship between the work and the space in which it is placed is one of the starting points of his art; he understands sculpture as the realization of a space within a greater perimeter represented by the space where one lives. Once the work is placed in a specific place, it transforms the environment in which it is placed as it becomes testimony of the time in which it is created; brings a personal enrichment to the surrounding context and adds further memory images. Among the major personal exhibitions dedicated to the sculptor in the world, they must be remembered in 1974 in Milan, in 1976 at the Museum of Modern Art in Paris, in 1984 at the Forte Belvedere in Florence, in 1987 at Palazzo dei Diamanti in Ferrara, in 1994 in Japan at the 'Open-Air Museum, in 1995 at the Rocca Malatestiana in Cesena and at the Museum of the City of Rimini, the following year at the Marlborough Gallery in New York, in 2006 at Palazzo Crepadona in Belluno and in 2007 at the Fortezza del Priamar in Savona. He has held traveling exhibitions in European, American, Australian and Japanese museums. His works are present in well-known and important Italian and foreign cities.