Giovanni Stradone





At a very young age he attended Ferruccio Ferrazzi's studio. After a pictorial debut in line with the research carried out by the "tonalists", he looks with particular interest at the expressionism of Mafai and above all of Scipione. Typical of the production of these years is the attempt to reduce the image with a simple material movement. In the 1940s, with a series of drawings strongly linked to the dramatic situation of the period, his artistic inventiveness reached a salient phase. In 1942 he exhibited with Monti, Gentili, Natili and Mazzacuratii and in 1947 with Scialoja, Ciarrocchi and Sadun. On this occasion Cesare Brandi coined for the first time the definition of the "four painters out of the way", highlighting the creative originality of the group compared to contemporary Italian art, too tied to a neo-cubist lexicon. Subsequently he takes Expressionism to its extreme formal consequences until it reaches the threshold of the Informal.