Isabel Alonso Vega





1969 Madrid
Isabel Alonso Vega's artistic research has always focused on the need to communicate the very essence of ideas, which by definition are intangible. Through painting and sculpture, the attempt is to crystallize what is intangible in order to give body and physicality to what by definition has none. By a process opposite to that of most artistic endeavors, where works become metaphors for what is real, Isabel makes tangible experience what would otherwise be only concept. Her large vitrines, composed of a superimposition of transparent layers rigorously painted and worked by hand, seem to come directly from the Platonic hyperuranium.
Isabel Alonso Vega's works generate a continuous dynamism that makes them alive and changeable as the context changes. All the Works are physical depictions of abstract ideas related to our emotional nature. Man is always at the center of her production. Hence the need to create works that never exceed the technical dimension that allows her to work on them in total autonomy.Isabel will never produce a work that is not compatible with her physical dimension because each work is a mirror of its creator. Each work is a faithful representation of the very nature of what it goes to represent, and so the smoke works are made from soot, the colored works start from pure pigment, and the gold works are created exclusively in gold leaf. The honesty of the material is the key to demonstrate the honesty of intention that leads the viewer to open his or her empathic sphere.