Jesus Herrera Martinez





1976, Alicante
Jesus Herrera's artistic research seems to portray an indefinite and suspended time. The strongly conceptual vision of this author, is materialized through a totally figurative aesthetic language of an almost renaissance style. The contrast that results from the coexistence in the same research of a retinal and a conceptual aspect results in incredible works in which the viewer finds himself constantly bouncing between an aesthetic and an intellectual register.
What is enrapturing about Jesus' works is the elegance and naturalness with which this contrast is handled, arising directly from the artist's human nature: a very fine intellectual in sneakers and hoodie. What disorients is his ability to transform an ancient canon of beauty into a universal language capable of speaking of the events of the present and the future. Classicist compositions that speak of augmented reality and artificial intelligence. Jesus inserts himself into the flow of art history as a time traveler capable of directing its course to indulge his own theses, and it is no coincidence that his paintings often feature him as an intruder within the compositions. Finest works designed to be excellent tributes to the greatest minds in painting in which there is always an element of dissonance that brings them back to the present: cellophane films next to precious brocades, newspaper pages in medieval herbals or self-portraits next to representations of the nativity.
Lives and works in Copenhagen.