Leoncillo Leonardi





Leoncillo is the pseudonym of Leoncillo Leonardi who was an Italian sculptor. In Rome in 1935-39 he came into contact with the artists of the Roman School and created colored ceramics of mythological subjects in an expressionistic key. From 1939 to 1942 he headed a ceramics factory in Umbertide. In 1944 he made Mother Roman killed by the Germans (Rome, Coll. Terenzi), considered by critics to be his masterpiece, in which the expressionist language it is developed in the sense of a plastic decomposition of the volumes which is already a prelude to post-war neo-Cubism (Lottatori, 1946, Rome, Leonardi Coll.). In the mid-fifties he abandoned cubist simplification to turn to informal experiences, while maintaining an extreme attention to the material used and its expressive properties (Luce perduta, 1960, Rome, Coll. Sargentini, Grande mutilation, 1962, Rome, Coll. . Leonardi).