Pietro Consagra





Mazara del Vallo, 1920- Milan, 2005.
Pietro Consagra studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Palermo. In 1944 he moved to Rome just liberated by American troops, and became friends with Turcato, Mafai and Guttuso with whom he shares the studio. In December 1946 in Paris he meets established artists like him, Brancusi, Giacometti, Laurens, Hartung and Adam. On March 15, 1947, with Accardi, Attardi, Dorazio, Mino Guerrini, Perilli, Sanfilippo, Turcato, he wrote, in his studio in via Margutta 48, the manifesto that would be published in the first issue of the magazine "Forma" in which the artists declaring themselves "formalists and Marxists ”, take up a battle
against Picasso's deformation and metaphysical romanticism in the name of abstractionism, the only language, in their opinion, still capable of carrying out a profound renewal of art. In October 1947, the founders of the Forma group, including Consagra, held the first exhibition at the Art Club Gallery in Rome. Consagra affirms itself with its unmistakable sculpture that establishes a philosophy of the surface, a surface that is not smooth and non-volumetric, but built from subtle juxtaposed or superimposed planes which, like a screen, is placed in a situation favorable to spiritual dialogue, to synchronic vision.