Raphaël Scorbiac





Raphaël Scorbiac, was born in Paris in 1971. Graduated in 1993 from the École des Beaux Arts in Paris, he began his activity the following year dealing with the restoration of the sculptures of the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. In May 1995 he won the La Celle Saint Cloud Sculpture Prize and between 1996 and the summer of 1999 he lived and worked between Paris and Berlin, participating in numerous solo and group exhibitions at the Annick Goutal and Andre von Stumn galleries. In 1999 it passes a period in New York where he teaches sculpture at Columbia University. Returning to France in 2001, he began to collaborate and exhibit in various galleries in Paris, London, Hong Kong and Singapore. In 2004 he lived and worked for a year in the Berry countryside, but continued his exhibition activity in Paris (Grand Palais, 2007). Since 2006 he has collaborated with the Dutko gallery in Paris with which he participates every year at the Brussels fair BRAFA. From 2016 he began to collaborate with the Russo Gallery in Rome and Istanbul, which represents him in Italy. He lives and works in Marseille.