Sandro Chia





Sandro Chia is an Italian artist, painter and sculptor, among the important exponents of the Italian Transavanguardia movement. After his studies, he made a series of trips to India, Turkey and all over Europe, before settling in Rome in 1970. On this occasion he experimented with conceptual art and the art of performance, before joining the Italian group Transavanguardia with Francesco Clemente, Enzo Cucchi and Mimmo Paladino. Chia insists on a return to painting, to stand out from the approach of Arte Povera or minimal art, which she considers too cold and intellectual. Try to bring pictorial values to the foreground by imposing the predominance of bright colors, playing on dense or transparent textures. In the '80s, he painted mythical themes, with figures characterized by an accentuated musculature reminiscent of the nudes of Michelangelo and Savino. His artistic research revolves around the idea that the artist is an alchemist who reveals the world with a spirit of ironic distance and innocent desires. Since 1985 he has obtained his first recognition on the international scene, being invited to realize several artistic projects, including the interior painting of the Palio Bar in New York. Since 1987, his paintings have been dominated by increasingly complex motifs, spatial ambiguities, characterized by a strong Futurist inspiration and with additions of external trompe-l'œil, particularly inlaid mosaics. Today his works are widely visible in Europe, the United States and Japan. He currently lives and works between New York and Montalcino. He has exhibited at the Paris Biennale, São Paulo and in several editions of the Venice Biennale...