Macerata 1904 - Arch of Trento 1933.
The family moved to Rome in 1919. The beginning of the artistic activity dates back to around 1924. The first works are caricatures made for fun, then the meeting with Mario Mafai takes place who pushes him to attend the free school of the nude. of the Academy of Fine Arts. In addition to studying, Scipione and Mafai try to earn something by selling commercial pictures and billboards (signing themselves with the initials "Bomaf"). In 1925 Antonietta Raphaël also enters the scene, coming from Lithuania and from an adventurous youth spent in London and Paris. Her painting, free from academic constraints, will be very important for the young Scipio. His debut as a painter can be placed in the context of the Roman Biennale Ulteriori informazioni su questo testo di originePer avere ulteriori informazioni sulla traduzione è necessario il testo di origine Invia commenti Riquadri laterali
from 1925. Although not registered in the exhibition catalog, two small paintings by Scipione and Mafai are inserted "straforo" by Oppo). In addition to the artists mentioned so far, Scipione is in contact in this period with the, with Virgilio Guidi, Ferruccio Ferrazzi and Renato Marino Mazzacurati, who recently arrived in Rome. The extreme pictorial season of him, while anticipating a certain tendency to lighten the tones, typical of the "Roman School" in the Thirties, clearly shows the drama of his personal situation.