Riccardo Prosperi - aka SIMAFRA - is a young painter born in Florence. He began painting in the year 2000 and learned the art of classical decoration and restoration by working for five years in a famous Florentine workshop. The individual lessons of the master and painter Ottavio Troiano will be useful for his pictorial background. In 2004 he began to participate in competitions and group exhibitions in Tuscany and in 2007 he began exhibiting in Italian and foreign galleries. In 2008 he stays for a short period in Paris and in the same year he won an exhibition prize at the Premio Italia. In 2009 he began collaborating with the Ken's art gallery in Florence. Between 2010 and 2011 she resides in Germany and collaborates with the Galerie Golkar in Bonn and with the Infantellina Contemporary in Berlin. Her works become part of national and international private collections. In 2012 you took part in Art Arsenal, the Kiev international biennial; in January of the same year he founded La Bottega Moderna, an independent cultural space and artist's atelier. In August 2013 he took part in the Odds & Sods group exhibition in the prestigious Art Moore House gallery (designed by Norman Foster) in London; to finish in December he exhibits at the Cadogan Contemporary gallery in London. In 2011, also in Florence, he collaborated with the architect Michele Bonan and the Dimore Collection studio. He also collaborates with the historic Florentine carpet company Boralevi, creating graphics he signed for the production of Contemporary Carpets. From 2014 he began to collaborate with the Parisian gallery Virginie Barrou Planquart by participating in numerous European fairs and, in March 2015, he saw his first solo show in France. In May of the same year in Pietrasanta, inside the Panichi Palace, he presented the project "The 4 Seasons of Simafra" consisting of four monumental works measuring 4x3 meters. The same exhibition was presented again in September in the prestigious spaces of Palazzo Gianfigliazzi Bonaparte in Florence. In December of the same year he began working with the Maddox Gallery Mayfair in London, with which he actively continues his production.In collaboration with the XXV edition of Artigianato e Palazzo, entitled "Memorie di Russia a Firenze" Simafra makes 10 sculptures from the "Madre Terra" cycle in the same year, which will be exhibited inside the Giardino Corsini in May 2019. Finally, in 2020 the artist moved his workshop to a new location and decided to embark on a new path. His recent works are an expression of the research he has initiated in recent years. Entirely dedicated to the relationship between Man and Nature, these new paintings are symbols of an artist reborn. Translated with (free version)