Double Flight

curated by Marco di Capua

Galleria Russo presents the exhibition Doppio volo. Giorgio Tentolini – Michael Gambino: in the rooms of the historic gallery the first Roman solo show of the two young artists who present to the public their their latest works.
As the curator of the exhibition Marco Di Capua introduces in the catalogue “There is something very light, indeed of aeroplane that circulates in the rooms of this exhibition, making the space of Galleria Russo Gallery a fly zone for a swarm of hundreds of small coloured wings (and so far we are there) but also of hard, twisted signs. also of hard, twisted signs, of twists and knots, of passages, of lights and shadows”.
In a continuous game of cross-references, Giorgio Tentolini’s works, realised in light tulle weaves or in wire mesh, alternate with those of Michael Gambino, characterised by myriads of coloured butterflies cut out of paper.