Duilio Cambellotti Al di là del mare

curated by Francesco Tetro

Duilio Cambellotti beyond the sea’ is the title of the exhibition that the Municipality of Terracina will host from 24 20 November in the rooms of the 13th-century church of San Domenico, splendid Cistercian Cistercian architecture bombed during the Second World War and finally returned to the life of the city community by a philological restoration. The decision to inaugurate the new cultural space with an exhibition dedicated to Duilio Cambellotti, a leading artist in the Italian artistic panorama of the first half of the 20th century, linked to the territory of the Agro Pontino and, in particular, to the city of Terracina by a profound and importance in his research, as the exhibition appropriately highlights. The eighty works and the interesting repertoire of period photographs made available by the Archive of the Duilio Cambellotti Opera build an anthological exhibition that follows the activity of the versatile artist-craftsman from the end of the 19th century, the time of his debut as a designer of theatre and advertising posters, to the late 1940s. A long journey in the course of which his torrential creativity was subjected to the mission of producing total art for all. Cambellotti expresses himself in the field of applied arts by making furniture, ceramics and stained glass, he is illustrator, engraver, advertising graphic designer, sculptor, set designer, he sets no limits to his forays into the field of art. In the background, the constant reference to a beloved land, his inexhaustible source of inspiration.