Diego Cerero Molina. Figuras

curated by Maria Cecilia Vilches Riopedre

The exhibition Figuras, the Spanish artist’s first Italian solo show curated by Maria Cecilia Vilches Riopedre, upsets and demystifies the traditional portrait by combining the grotesque with parody. In his works, Diego Cerero Molina deforms, accentuating in a desecrating and ironic manner, the characters of the characters depicted, emphasising their expressiveness and gestures. Constant attention is paid to the dual nature of his subjects, whose involvement in situations and compositions bordering on the paradoxical brings out their irreverent character.

On show are portraits created in the artist’s last years of activity. “Diego Cerero Molina’s work presents itself as a reflection of our times, denoting a critical way of feeling society. The artist uses irony as a means of social denunciation, as a critical element of self-consciousness, an irony understood as a sign of life,’ declares the curator of the exhibition, Maria Cecilia Vilches Riopedre.