From the first Self-portrait to the Last Roses

curated by Fabio Benzi

It is & nbsp; Giacomo Balla, & nbsp; the cardinal point of 20th century art, the protagonist of the exhibition visible from & nbsp; Thursday 15 April & nbsp; at the & nbsp; Galleria Russo & nbsp; in Rome. & nbsp;

Curated by & nbsp; Fabio Benzi , “ Giacomo Balla. From the first Self-portrait to the Last Roses “will offer the public of scholars and enthusiasts the opportunity to retrace the artist’s entire career through a surprising gallery of preparatory studies – sometimes unpublished – punctuated by some important definitive works. The exhibition entrusts these materials, mostly directly from Casa Balla and remained with the heirs to date, the task of leading the visitor to the heart of the intricate creative paths of the great head of the school, alongside youthful incunabula, illuminating sketches of well-known masterpieces and latest works . It is – writes Fabio Benzi in the introduction to the catalog – “ How to enter the artist’s studio and open dozens of drawers, discovering the genesis of masterpieces and studio works, penetrating the hidden secrets of the paintings, sometimes the most famous, sometimes more private, but always participating in an indisputable and overbearing creative fury, which shows us the final and initial phases of a unitary path, of a tireless struggle “. & nbsp;