Futurist Tato. Fifty airpaintings on display in the centenary of Siai Marchetti

curated by Salvatore Ventura
with critical texts by Salvatore Ventura, Maria Fede Caproni, Mariastella Margozzi and Beatrice Buscaroli

Organised on the occasion of the centenary of the foundation of SIAI Marchetti the large exhibition dedicated to the master of Aeropittura, entitled TATO futurista-cinquanta aeropitture is curated by Salvatore Ventura, keeper of the archive who, for decades, has been Tato’s collector, expert and exegete. On show are fifty works from which the poetics of a multifaceted and eclectic artist can be seen, a fundamental figure of our Futurism and one of the founding fathers of Aeropittura.
“In short, Tato’s aeropainting is a landscape that has colours of celebration and irony and he expresses in it not only what he has seen, but what he has felt: it is a reality that is real and transfigured at the same time.
at the same time. But still on the threshold of that artificial landscape that he has created by mixing sky water and earth, here is a wing spar with its mocking shadow and the prow of the nacelle that appears squat in the glimpse of the ecstatic sky.” (Salvatore Ventura) For the occasion, numerous works of incredible historical and artistic value realised over a period of more than thirty years will be presented.
over a period of more than thirty years. Among the paintings on show are: Sorvolando in spirale il Colosseo, of 1930, exhibited at the 2014 Futurism exhibition at the Guggenheim in New York, Aeroplani+Metropoli of 1930, Landing of 1937 and Sorvolando un’officina of 1938, already exhibited at the III Quadriennale d’Arte in Rome. The event is part of the centenary celebration programme of SIAI Marchetti, the historic aeronautical industry of Sesto Calende in the province of Varese, which, as is known, had moments of great international success in the periods before and after the Second World War.