Giacomo Balla. Dynamic painting = Simultaneity of forces

curated by Elena Gigli

From Thursday, Feb. 11, Galleria Russo is hosting the exhibition Giacomo Balla dynamic painting = simultaneity of forces, on the unprecedented theme of the Manifesto of Color. The exhibition, sponsored by the Department of Cultural Policies and Communication of the Municipality of Rome, is curated by Elena Gigli, who has been studying the pictorial work of Giacomo Balla for 20 years, and presents some 20 works covering the period from the 1910s to the late 1920s, that is, the period characterized by Balla’s research on color, all from Casa Balla. The theme of the
exhibition is the Manifesto of Color published by Balla in 1918, in the catalog of his exhibition at the Bragaglia gallery in Rome (Oct. 4, 1918) where he analyzes the role of color in painting avant-garde, delving into the subject of color and thus his manifesto, thus enriching research and studies on Futurism. If the early works produced by Balla were mainly in black and white (see Guinzinzaglio in moto of 1912) his discovery of color starts from the collages where, precisely through the use of colored papers, he creates entirely contemporary works. It is no coincidence that the
title of the exhibition, Giacomo Balla dynamic painting = simultaneity of forces, is the last point of the Color Manifesto. With the Color Manifesto of 1918 we enter the climax of Balla’s artistic moment, full of works colored, almost a positive response to wartime pessimism.