Giovanni Gasparro. Noli me tangere

curated by Paolo Serafini

Noli me tangere is the title of this unique and unprecedented exhibition, with a critical text by historian and art critic Paolo Serafini, the first solo exhibition of the young artist Giovanni Gasparro, which will be opens at Galleria Russo in Rome under the patronage of the Assessorato alle Politiche Culturali e Communication of the Municipality of Rome. The exhibition presents some 30 canvases of large and medium size, paintings with a triggering visual and emotional impact and a remarkable skill technique. Giovanni Gasparro unusual artist of the new generation born in the province of Bari, is a figurative painter, with clear sacred inspiration, in which traditional iconographic components are subverted by a transcendent symbolism that, with a restlessness in the stroke and in the figures, stops the body in action to tell its soul. The sacred of the biblical and evangelical become for the artist a reason to meditate on the lack of a shared horizon, of shared contemporary, of the Catholic tradition. In Gasparro, religion becomes an essential and determinant of daily living. With technical-formal roots of the historical tradition and suggestions of those artists of twentieth-century realism more inclined to introspection, the painting of Gasparro is distinguished by a dramatic and passionate expressiveness that gives the images an extreme tension. In Gasparro there is a strong sense of belonging to a historical tradition, political, economic, cultural as a real possibility of coexistence, interaction and dialogue between contemporary and previous art, and constitutes a significant point of departure.