Galleria Russo operates in the historical Italian and international twentieth century sector, offering its customers some services such as the possibility of:

The Gallery offers rental services for the qualification of your working environment, in order to make it exclusive and welcoming.

How to rent:

Visit of one of our representatives. – One of our representatives will accompany you in all phases of the rental, from the first appointment to the final set-up.
Visit the Gallery for direct contact with the works to be selected. – It will be a pleasure for us to welcome you to our Gallery to see the works you have selected live together.
Inspection at your offices with our representatives and preparation of the selected works. – The customer can choose a precise number of works by each artist in order to make the offer more varied and completely satisfying. The contract has a duration of three years, with the possibility, after the first 18 months, of replacing some works with others of greater satisfaction. In addition, the rental agreement includes:
– transport, delivery and preparation of the selected works

– historical-artistic consultancy

– assistance in case of changes in the set-up

– possibility of varying the works over the three-year period

– restoration work in the event of an accident

– supply of printed material (catalogs, monographs, trade magazines) dedicated to the artist in question

– request for the rental work for display in public exhibitions, with temporary replacement of the same, and subsequent return of the work with the catalog of the public exhibition attached.

For any information we are available at 066789949 or at

The Russo Gallery offers an estimate service for works of art.

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