Galleria Russo and the Archive of the Work of Duilio Cambellotti are pleased to report the documentary Duilio Cambellotti. Arte senza fine.

Airing March 27, 2024 at 9 p.m. on RAI 5 | ‘ART NIGHT’ program.

A documentary written and directed by Claudia Pampinella, photography and editing by Beatrice Palladini Iemma, with advice from historian Caterina Brazzi Castracane, music by Matteo Cremolini, produced by Clelia Iemma and Beatrice Palladini Iemma | D4 Srl, In collaboration with RAI CULTURA RAI 5.

The documentary restores Duilio Cambellotti’s artistic journey, confirming his great modernity and his ever timely lesson.

The work, created in 1911, is a portrait of Fiammetta, born in 1909 and daughter of Cesare and Margherita Sarfatti, a well-known journalist, art critic and patron who was a great friend and supporter of Umberto Boccioni and other artists of the period. According to the testimony of Amedeo Sarfatti, Margherita’s son, the painting was executed by the artist at Villa del Soldo, owned by the Sarfatti family in Cavallasca (Como).



Manuel Felisi's "Vertigo" on permanent display at Fiumicino Airport.

Two large-scale works, placed one in front of the other and composed of many small canvases made with a laborious manual method of layering, make up Manuel Felisi’s work entitled “Vertigine” and inaugurated in Rome’s Leonardo da Vinci Airport in Fiumicino’s Terminal 1.

Aeroporti di Roma opens its doors to art, and Manuel Felisi’s works testify to the artist’s intent to bring attention – in a place of continuous passage – to the world of nature and environmental preservation.

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Moments of the last year

GIACOMO BALLA, Linee forza di mare (mattino), 1919 circa

“With the thunderous motion of the Tyrrhenian on the cliffs, Balla establishes that the sea breathes” – Virgilio Marchi

Giacomo Balla, “Linee forza di mare (mattino)”, c. 1919, oil on panel, 29 x 60.5 cm

Vernissage "Duilio Cambellotti at the Monza Biennials and Beyond"

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Moments of another year together

MARIO SIRONI. LA POETICA DEL NOVECENTO. Opere dalle collezioni di Margherita Sarfatti e Ada Catenacci

The intense focus on Mario Sironi opened in Milan, on the occasion of the sixty years since the artist’s death, from an in-depth retrospective of the Museo del Novecento, closes at the Russo Gallery in Rome with the exhibition “Mario Sironi. The poetics of the twentieth century. Works from the collections of Margherita Sarfatti and Ada Catenacci ”. Curated by Fabio Benzi, the exhibition is characterized by an extremely interesting cut: the over seventy works on display come largely from only two very important collections, one assembled by Margherita Sarfatti and the other by Ada Catenacci Balzarotti. There are therefore two women at the origin of two of the most significant collections of Italian art of the twentieth century of which we have memory

JOHN SINGER SAGENT, Princess de Beaumont, 1884​

The work is traditionally believed to depict Princess Beaumont de Beaumont of Liège (Belgium), who married Prince Ruffo of Calabria.

The figure is elegantly dressed in a dress that reflects the style of the sixties of the nineteenth century: the dark dress is accompanied by an impalpable veil shawl to cover the bare shoulders while the sophisticated hairstyle with aigrette is in pendant with the black collar in gathered organza. All the details – from the single earring, to the flower on the breast, to the cheeky mole on the cheek – help to underline the expression of refined confidence of the princess, whose gaze amiably captures that of the viewer.


In the history of visual arts and literature, artists capable of telling the future are presented with distilled periodicity. One of these sibyls is Piero Gilardi, protagonist of the exhibition until 11 December. Piero Gilardi. Art enters life. Curated by Laura Cherubini for the Russo Gallery in Rome, the exhibition presents the production of the 2000s of those colorful fragments of nature in foam rubber that the artist himself defines his business card and a selection of historical works conceived as a memorandum of the highlights of a long career. A focus that, starting from a wearable dress-nature from 1967, signals that effort to bring art into life that Piero Gilardi has always claimed as the primary mission of his artistic research..


By Benedetta Nervi and Irene Pantaleo scientific direction Francesca Romana Morell executive production Lia Polizzotti produced by Galleria Russo produced by Art Doc Festival Italia, 2019, 68 ‘, Italian.

A choral story about four generations of gallery owners who have contributed to changing the art market in twentieth-century Italy. The Russo Gallery is thus a point of reference for artists of the caliber of Giorgio de Chirico, Fausto Pirandello, the Roman School, Duilio Cambellotti, Giacomo Balla and the Futurists. The documentary was made on the occasion of the drafting of the volume edited by Francesca Romana Morelli The closing of the circle, soon to be published.


From May 15 to June 5 the Russo Gallery, in collaboration with the Embassy of the Republic of Turkey, presents to its collectors – from May 15 to June 5 – a collective exhibition dedicated to the city of Istanbul, the first of a series of exhibitions that the gallery has chosen to dedicate the emblematic cities of culture and art in the world to the cities. The exhibition is curated by Maria Cecilia Vilches Riopedre and will be enriched by a catalog published by Manfredi Edizioni.


From 24 October 2015 to 10 January 2016, the Casino dei Principi and the Casino Nobile of Villa Torlonia host the Mario Sironi exhibition and the illustrations for “Il Popolo d’Italia” 1921-1940. Curated by Fabio Benzi, with the historical advice of Monica Cioli and with the organization of the Russo Gallery, the exhibition brings together 345 illustrations created by one of the greatest protagonists of Italian art of the twentieth century for the official newspaper of the Fascist Party.


Video-documentary produced by the Russo Gallery and made by Art Doc Festival, on the occasion of the anthological exhibition curated by Maurizio Vanni, at the MARCA – Museum of the Arts of Catanzaro. The works will be on display until 31 August 2017.