Mario Sironi and the illustrations for “Il Popolo d’Italia” 1921-1940

Catalog of the Mario Sironi exhibition and illustrations for “Il Popolo d’Italia” 1921-1940, inaugurated on 23 October 2015 at the Museums of Villa Torlonia, Casino Nobile and Casino dei Principi, Rome. Critical texts by Fabio Benzi, Monica Cioli, Giuseppe Vacca, Ada Carpi de Resmini, Sara Mazzarino. Pp. 277, 344 color illustrations. All the published works are accompanied by the critical card with the historical study by Monica Cioli. The catalog is enriched by a documentary, made on the occasion of the exhibition enriched by photographic material, interventions and testimonies that allow to better understand and contextualize the works and the work of Sironi “political designer”.