Massimo Giannoni

curated by Alberto Agazzani

The Milan branch of Galleria Russo is hosting, under the curatorship of Alberto Agazzani, the exhibition solo show of Massimo Giannoni, an artist whose style and technique are entirely personal. Giannoni reproduces on canvas the places par excellence of isolation and meditation such as libraries and bookstores, but at the same time he also tackles completely different subjects, such as business exchanges and metropolises. In Giannoni’s libraries, the real protagonists are the books, inventoried by the rigor of a librarian in historical libraries or abandoned and
haphazardly scattered on the floor in anonymous bookstores waiting to be entered and catalogued in an order only seemingly physical, perhaps, even more so, mental or existential; solitary temples of spirit and culture that invite meditation and silence, and that alternate on canvases with those quintessentially chaotic metaphors of contemporaneity, such as business exchanges, places full The chaos of the present and the silence of the past are united in the artist’s journey by a hand that juggles the strength and thickness of the pictorial material, thickening and breaking down the accumulation of color, in a vital flow where even the chromatic body seems to vibrate and breathe, explaining its song most solemn. The artist collects and transforms stimuli and elements of mass communication to find meaning within the mechanisms of complexity through a language as ancient and articulated as painting. Giannoni’s intent appears to be to give concreteness to the images overlapping immateriality as if the shareable reality could only be that which is reworked, pondered and recreated through the artist’s gaze and hand.