Massimo Giannoni, Duration of the image

curated by Flaminio Gualdoni

Massimo Giannoni, for this important Milanese anthological exhibition in the prestigious spaces of the Palazzo Giureconsulti in Milan, curated by Flaminio Gualdoni, proposes a summa of the works executed in the recent years: all works, oil on canvas, of medium and large dimensions, which fully decline the traits fundamentals of his artistic research.
“It is strong temptation to strologize on the fidelity to the motif, on the persistence of a few chosen subjects of which Giannoni over and over again implements new declinations. Certainly, to those who – quorum ego – gets excited at the mere thought of the Magliabechiana or the historic Seeber bookstore, or is able to refer back even to the confiding odors of that suspended wunderkammer that is the Specola, the paintings of Giannoni offer an extra affective pulse. But that is not the point. The artist identifies with his subjects not because they are tenaciously seductive but because each is, in essence, a pictorial problem.” (F. Gualdoni)
Alongside bookstores and libraries, business bags, squares and grand city views-all subjects that have made Massimo Giannoni an artist as recognizable as he is well-known – new themes enrich his identifiable iconography. His work brings together those who love figure painting and informal painting, history and chronicle, the passage of time and its permanence. We could define Giannoni’s work as a hinge that connects the painting of history to current events.
The Milan exhibition follows in order of time the other major exhibitions in public spaces: Mantua, Palazzo della Ragione – Rome, Palazzo dell’Esposizioni – Florence, Biblioteca degli Uffizi.