Massimo Giannoni. Everything in one room

curated by Lea Mattarella

Curated by Lea Mattarella, Massimo Giannoni’s second Roman solo exhibition, All in a Room, offers the public more than twenty oil-on-canvas works of small, medium and large dimensions, all unpublished and, as the artist states, “Based on the essentiality of color and the exaltation of whites.”
Created between 2011 and 2013, Giannoni’s works refer, in their iconographic choices, to the cornerstones fundamental to the artist’s poetics: bookstores and libraries, business bags, squares and grand views of cities. This recognizable and acknowledged collection of images is enriched with new subjects, which add more tiles to the mosaic of his research: “Lately this painter with the camera hidden in his eyes has discovered a new universe to be catalogued and preserved by means of
his art: the museum. He has unleashed his brushstrokes among the showcases of the Museum of Natural Sciences and the Museum of Silverware in Florence. This time, too, he chose a place where beauty, wisdom and preserve beauty, wisdom, and memory. And once again he was able to layout a dialogue that reveals how between himself and the things around him there is a vital and immediate relationship, which allows the seething of painting to be transformed into a renewed stillness” (L.
The exhibition at Galleria Russo precedes and anticipates the artist’s anthological exhibition that will be presented in June 2013 in the prestigious Palazzo dei Giureconsulti in Milan.