Massimo Giannoni. The Aleph

curated by Alberto Agazzini

The exhibition Massimo Giannoni L’Aleph, curated by Alberto Agazzani – with interventions by Fabio Isman – is organized by Galleria Russo with the collaboration and participation of the City of Mantua and is part of the calendar of the prestigious Mantua Festivaletteratura.
For the event, Massimo Giannoni presents about forty works created in oil on canvas of large and medium size, all works that fully decline the fundamental traits of the artistic research cultivated over the past fifteen years. Giannoni is the first among Italian artists to choose as his subject historical bookstores and libraries that depict and symbolize the knowledge stably contained in books and shelves: “When I found before my eyes for the first time a large library painted by Massimo Giannoni, […] in an instant, followed by the fleeting one of primary amazement, I wondered: who knows into what new wonder this fresh suspended memory will turn when it is enriched by the dust, of “its” personal memory?”(A. Agazzani).
Memory and transformation, fixity and light, suspension and passage of time, are aspects that do not generate contradiction but make Giannoni’s artistic expression unique.