Mino Delle Site. Absolute forms of geometry

curated by Domenico Guzzi

Starting April 5, Galleria Russo is hosting an extensive retrospective devoted to one of the most significant exponents of Futurist aeropainting, Mino Delle Site. About one hundred works tell by synthesis the evolution of his research: from the aeropictorial moment of the 1930s, to the postcubist moment between late 1940s and early 1950s, to the later abstract phase. Above it all, however, emerges the complex versatility of Delle Site’s cultural interests and his willingness to work, beyond the sphere of
aeropictorial, in every area of art making. Also exhibited are preparatory studies for the cycle of frescoes executed in 1937 for the Casa dello Studente in Rome, an impressive work partly lost during the war and partly whitewashed at the end of the conflict. The exhibition Mino Delle Site – Absolute Forms of Geometry, curated by Domenico Guzzi, restores through more than ninety works a well-rounded portrait of the artist, meticulously followed throughout his 60-year career in a journey that begins in 1930, the year in which the artist, just 16 years old, moved from Lecce to Rome to attend the Liceo Artistico in via Ripetta. An artist of torrential creativity committed to redesigning every aspect of culture traditional in the name of Futurist Reconstruction of the Universe Delle Site identifies his own goal “in touching every field of visualization.”