Manuel Felisi. Present of the Past

curated by Maurizio Vanni

Galleria Russo presents to its collectors the works of Manuel Felisi, fruit of the
experimentation and iconographic-expressive research of the artist’s last three years of work. In a continuous narrative research of a present that finds in the past the keys to discover the future, Felisi proposes his “compositions of the past and the future”.
future Felisi proposes his “two-dimensional compositions” linked to a very personal concept of time.
As the curator of the exhibition Maurizio Vanni writes in the critical essay in the catalogue “Many of Felisi’s works are by Felisi are linked to the choice of what the artist wishes to bring to the surface (present of the past), but the filter on his memories collides with what he considers functional to the present of the future
to design his own existence, manifesting his being through doing. […] Felisi loves
planning his compositions by carefully choosing materials before starting his
superimpositions: coloured fabrics are combined with a coarse gauze with which he works in the graphics, tarlantana, and are mixed with colour, coloured matter and, as in many recent works resin and ash’. On show are a series of works in which the usual superimpositions of materials experimented by the artist – fabrics, gauze, wallpaper, but also ash and dust – are included in panels of industrial materials such as cement and porcelain plaster.