Roberta Coni, Incipit Comœdia

curated by Alberto Agazzini

Catalog of the exhibition organized by Galleria Russo under the patronage of the City of Saluzzo the exhibition Roberta Coni, Incipit Comœdia, curated by Alberto Agazzani, is a tribute by the Roman artist to Dante Alighieri and to the First Canto of the Inferno of the Divine Comedy.
A pictorial journey that Roberta Coni tackles, through twenty-six large-scale works, to
analyze the Florentine poet’s most important work: in the first canto three beasts
present themselves to Dante to impede his journey to salvation. A lion, a lion, a she-wolf, representations allegorical of three sins that hinder the sinner’s repentance and conversion, depict at the same time serious impediments that hinder his going. Beasts depicted in their symbolic conception, the lion becomes a symbol of lust, the lion of pride, the she-wolf of greed, three vices that commonly occupy humanity. Sins, then, to be interpreted not in dimension private, but as negative characters of the whole society. And if personal sins become sins universal, Dante’s own role transcends its boundaries to the point of identification with humanity. During the exhibition, the video Incipit Comœdia, Inferno I, made by the artist herself, is presented.