Roberta Coni, Tentar la carne

Artists: Roberta Coni Authors: Beatrice Buscaroli Year: 2012 Languages: Italian / English Availability: Available Price: € 15.00

Catalog of the exhibition set up at the Russo Gallery in Rome, inaugurated on November 16, 2012, following the personal exhibition at the Amleto Bertoni Foundation in Saluzzo (Cuneo). On display over 25 works dedicated to Canto I of Hell which represent the first stage of a path of works that analyze the entire Divine Comedy. On the occasion, the artist also presents the video Incipit Comœdia, Inferno I, accompanied by the original music by Andrea Guerra.
In the catalog, in addition to the 26 works dedicated to Hell, also the artist’s production of the last two years.
Critical text by Beatrice Buscaroli.