Simafra. Aequilibrium

curated by Marco Tonelli

Air, water, earth and fire: the four elements are the leitmotif of Simafra’s new project, Florentine artist active between Italy, England and Dubai in the first Roman solo show curated by Marco Tonelli at Galleria Russo.
The new pictorial cycle is defined by a series of evocative aerial views carefully selected to reveal the full force of nature. The atoll, the volcano, the glacier and the aurora boreal, are just some of the places to which the strongly textured pictorial art of Simafra. A matter in continuous transformation that does not suffer the weight of the impression on canvas but, on the contrary, is enhanced by it almost symbiotically. A journey in which nature comes to life and shows all its power, thanks to the skillful use of color and the balance of the full-bodied components chosen by the artist: “His exaltation of pictorial density, through the real occurrences of the elementary processes of matter at various levels of solidity and liquidity (from the lava
crater to the air of a tornado to the bare earth to water), becomes for Simafra a matter of style and of content at the same time.” These are the words used by the curator of the exhibition, Marco Tonelli, to describe a multifaceted artist whose works range between the hidden places of nature, with the nonchalance typical of those who wish to exalt it.