The Research of Modernity. Works from Divisionism to Futurism

curated by Fabio Benzi
with a critical text by Massimo Duranti

An exhibition that pays tribute to the major exponents of the Italian 20th century in a journey through more than forty years of painting in Italy.
The exhibition, curated by Fabio Benzi and previewed at ArteFiera Bologna from 2 to 4 February 2018, traces the rich Italian artistic journey that from the suggestive crepuscular atmosphere moves through the avant-garde until exploding in Futurism and its more mature derivations. Starting with four masterpieces that, still realised on the wave of crepuscular suggestions crepuscolari, prelude to Futurism – the portrait of Duilio Cambellotti by Giacomo Balla and
titled The Chiseller (1905), Gino Severini’s Self-Portrait with Hat (1904), La false civilisation by Duilio Cambellotti (1905-1907) and Controluce by Umberto Boccioni, executed in 1910, from the Guggenheim Collection in Venice and formerly in the collection of Margherita Sarfatti’s collection – the exhibition, divided into decades, continues with the testimony of the major exponents of the Italian 20th century.
In addition to Balla, Boccioni and Severini, the exhibition also includes works by Gerardo Dottori, Carlo Erba, Enrico Prampolini, Carlo Carrà, Antonio Marasco, Arnaldo Ginna, Thayaht, Virgilio Marchi, but also – in confirmation of the success of the avant-garde also in the following decades – by Mino delle Site, Tato, Renato Di Bosso, Domenico Belli, Alfredo Ambrosi, Alessandro Bruschetti, Osvaldo Peruzzi and Vladimiro Tulli.
The exhibition is accompanied by a colour catalogue published by Manfredi Edizioni with critical texts by Fabio Benzi and Massimo Duranti.