13 - 16 May

The Gallery will participate in ArteFiera Bologna 2022, managed by the artistic direction of Simone Menegoi
Twentieth century history and research on the contemporary: the polarities that guide the activity of the historic Galleria Russo emerge in the set-up designed for Artefiera2022, where the limited space of the stand becomes the meeting point and clash between twentieth century masters and emerging artists.
Of particular importance is a focus on Mario Sironi, whose works mainly come from two of the most significant collections of Italian art of the twentieth century in memory. We are talking about the collections assembled by Margherita Sarfatti and Ada Catenacci, out of the ordinary collecting intuitions, who in Sironi were immediately able to recognize one of the peaks of the art of their time.
In the space reserved for the Russo Gallery, Mario Sironi, a giant of twentieth century painting and graphics, in the collection choices of two women who are extraordinary in taste and culture.

Mario Sironi, Figura con lo specchio, 1924 ca.