Arianna Matta. Glitch

27 April - 18 May 2023

Curated by Lorenzo Canova

Galleria Russo from April 27, 2023 opens the exhibition Arianna Matta. Glitch, curated by Lorenzo Canova.

The exhibition “GLITCH” winks at the world of technology and the artist’s digital past, which, despite the nineteenth-century topos of the human-nature relationship present in her paintings, resorts to the use of new technologies and 3D vision. The title of the exhibition celebrates the artist’s love of imperfection: “glitch” is an unpredictable, uncontrollable computer error. Just as imperfect nature is subject to flaw, in the painting technique used by Arianna Matta in some canvases that “glitch” effect is well represented, that distortion of the image into a kind of wave caused by an electronic error.