curated by G. simongini 15 October - 5 November 2016

curated by Gabriele Simongini

15 October-5 November 2016

The regenerating power of water, letters as a recurring visual texture, evocative tears in glass that contain a mirroring liquid.

There is all the dense and prolific artistic and expressive universe of Enrico Benetta in Aqua Virgo, the exhibition curated by the critic Gabriele Simongini which is above all a tribute to water and its multiple meanings. The beginning of time is shown for the first time, a site-specific installation consisting of a series of terracotta amphorae that contains blown Murano glass in which letters in Bodoni have been cast, the print font par excellence. stylistics of Benetta, foundation for the creation of an original and visual casual texture.

The artist – observes Simongini – sees the letters “as things and forms, as facts, as concrete signs in the space and time of acting and creating” so as to “materialize in the absolutely autonomous and specific language of the visual arts (between painting, sculpture and installation, with a very well calibrated hybridization) a poetic metamorphosis of words and letters into plastic forms, colors, structures that intertwine, connect, get lost and seek meaning at the same time […] ”.

Also on display is a series of canvases representing sky, air and earth, made with the usual mixed technique on canvas and the insertion of letters in cor-ting steel and the imposing white hourglass in cor-ting steel coming from the exhibition of the Macro From one day to the next.