a cura di Lorenzo Canova
10 aprile-3 maggio 2014

For the exhibition The words of time, curated by Lorenzo Canova and with a text in the catalog by Miriam Castelnuovo, Enrico Benetta proposes about thirty site-specific works: canvases, sculptures and installations that fully outline the fundamental traits of his artistic research, marked by great passion for writing and in particular from the choice of Bodoni: “My poetics immediately materialized in a precise direction: I fell in love with the typeface […] I was struck by the Bodoni font. writing and painting because for me they are one and the same thing, the tangible sign of a total experience “(E. Benetta from interview on“ ArteIn ”).

The Bodoni character, which has become the artist’s distinctive stylistic signature, in these works is bent to painting, cor-tain steel and mirror steel, giving life to a contemporary and original language, which, without oxymorons and contradictions, finds in harmony typical of the classical past, its roots and its raison d’etre.

“Benetta therefore works on the history of writing in relation to the arts, on the shared language between word and image, comparing for example with the clarity of classic epigraphs, through a Bodonian character of lapidary solemnity undone and recomposed in the rigorous structure of minimalist steel plates. -tèn. ” (L. Canova)