FOCUS on Simafra

29 May - 7 June 2023

Seven years after the monographic exhibition Aequilibrium at Galleria Russo, Simafra returns with a new identity and awareness that become matters of style and content at the same time.

The natural – but never naturalistic – theme from 2019 is just a memory, as is the floral reality and the polished aesthetic surface of his works. His gaze no longer gazes at the horizon but now lowers, toward the ground, toward himself, to give birth to a new artistic project by which he lets himself be traversed and of which he himself is canvas and vector balanced between restlessness and rebirth.

A true self-analytical journey through images that winds through archetypes, symbols, mythology and talismans leading to the creation of colorful and material ‘pieces’ of the artist’s life rather than ‘pieces’ of art.