FOCUS on Arianna Matta

10 - 17 February 2022

From 10 to 17 February the spotlight is on Arianna Matta’s contemporary romanticism

Digital Neoromantic. This is how Arianna Matta defines herself, a painter of places vibrating with memories who looks at painting as “a sort of archeology of memory”. Implicit, in its dreamlike evocation of emotions and lived spaces, is the reference to the tensions and atmospheres that were typical of romantic art.

Apparently anchored to the past in the technical choice of painting in the ways of the, the artist is in reality deeply infiltrated by the spirit of his time, with which tradition is compared in a subtle way, winking at that very modern trend of digital art that gives artistic dignity to the glitch, the computer error.

Introducing in her melancholy representations of places that have emerged from the past small visuals that mimic the digital disturbance seemed to her the most natural way to tell the worries of contemporaneity.

2022, oil on canvas, cm 140 x 180