A Night at the Gallery

April 23, 2023

A Night at the Gallery: dinner among the works of art with managers from Allianz, KPMG and Gallery Director Fabrizio Russo

Galleria Russo, after having inaugurated last spring, on the occasion of the exhibition “Mario Sironi. The Poetics of the Twentieth Century,” the private evenings dedicated to exclusive visits on the occasion of important historical exhibitions, on Thursday, April 20, 2023 welcomed important guests in a new event, entitled ‘Fine Art and Finance,’ organized to welcome this time the managers of Allianz and KPMG, together with selected clients.

It was an evening with the aim of networking among clients for an occasion that combined art and finance, art having long since become an important form of investment by individuals and companies. These are investments with a strong artistic-cultural value, as well as economic, for works that, beyond aesthetics, carry a great historical value of the period they represent, an expression of taste and culture.