From 6 February to 8 March 2014 at the Russo Gallery in Rome “ Gerardo Dottori – Songs of Futurism by the Master of Aeropainting “, curated by Massimo Duranti with critical text in the catalog by Lorenzo Canova, Andrea Baffoni and

The exhibition Gerardo Dottori. Songs of Futurism by the Master of Aeropainting, created with the patronage of the Municipality of Rome, edited by Massimo Duranti, with texts in the catalog by Lorenzo Canova, Andrea Baffoni and Roberto Floreani, offers the public over eighty works by Gerardo Dottori, performed in a time span that goes from the end of the 19th century to 1976 and which includes figurative works of the prefuturist period, free words, paintings and hydromatites of the futurist season, paintings, drawings (sketches of historical works) of the aeropictoric season, “passages” of futurist sacred art , representations of the “New modern landscape” up to the last illustrations. In particular, there are numerous unpublished works or no longer exhibited for a long time. Among these the unpublished Virata su rivers, lake, sea of ​​1934 and Notturno of 1925. After more than fifty years, it will be possible to admire again Elevazione from 1945, a large painting of pure artistic spirituality. Among the works on paper, the very early charcoal of the mountain landscape of the war Sintesi di montagne of 1919 and the precious sketch of the central part of the Triptych of speed of 1925. Without forgetting three very rare words written during the First World War.

A wide-ranging and quality overview that illustrates the poetics of Gerardo Dottori and at the same time testifies to the prolific and varied activity of the famous futurist and master of Aeropainting.

“Using the moods of airplane speeds, I was able to create the earthly landscape by isolating it out of time-space, feeding it with the sky so that it became paradise”. (G. Doctors)

The exhibition is organized by the Russo Gallery, in collaboration with the Gerardo Dottori Archives (Perugia) and is part of the by now historical path of the Gallery, which for over twenty years has been dedicated to the enhancement of the great Italian artists of the twentieth century and follows, in order of time, the monographs already dedicated to the great protagonists of Futurism: Filippo Tommaso Marinetti (2013), Giacomo Balla (2010), Umberto Boccioni (2000), Carlo Erba (2013), Mino delle Site (2008).

On the occasion of the exhibition, Roberto Floreani’s Futurist Evening in Buckskin Gloves will be staged, a highly emotional show of poetic declamation, music, air dance and video projections conceived by Roberto Floreani, accompanied by his Futurist Manipolo and inspired by the Futurist evening of 9 April 1914 in Perugia which was also attended by the young Gerardo Dottori, who had embraced the theories of the Movement a couple of years earlier.