by Alberto Dambruoso

January 30-February 20, 2021

Giorgio Tentolini. Diacronie

They mimic painting to perfection but in them there is no trace of drawing or pigment the forty-seven works by Giorgio Tentolini exhibited from Saturday 30 January at the Russo Gallery in the personal Giorgio Tentolini. Diacronie edited by Alberto Dambruoso . The female portraits of composed beauty, the images of masterpieces of classical statuary and of no less famous architecture of ancient Rome seem paintings but they are in reality aerial bas-reliefs composed of layers of light and semi-transparent materials: nets, tulle, papers.

Graphic designer and photographer by training, Tentolini creates his impalpable trompe-l’oeil placing a perfect knowledge of the laws of optics and light at the service of a technique of virtuosity complex images emerge from a wise use of matter. The chiaroscuro in Tentolini’s works is a matter of layers: where the texture thickens, the shadows are born, where the lights are loosened.