curated by Maria Cecilia Vilches Riopedre
15 maggio-5 giugno 2019

Created in collaboration with the Embassy of the Republic of Turkey and curated by Maria Cecilia Vilches Riopedre, the collective exhibition dedicated to the city of Istanbul is the first of a series of exhibitions that the gallery has chosen to dedicate to the cities that are emblematic of culture and art. in the world.

“The choice of an exhibition dedicated to the city of Istanbul in a Roman art gallery was not accidental. The ancient city of Constantine – declares Maria Cecilia Vilches Riopedre – was also called “New Rome” due to its resemblance to the great city of the West. It is no wonder that Istanbul and Rome are thought of as twin cities. The two cities share multiple imperial memories and numerous religious traditions, and both retain architectural splendor, cultural heritage and share an electrifying past and present, which often leaves you breathless “.

Two cities that over the centuries have confronted and intertwined for many aspects and which return to reflect and confront each other precisely in the pictorial memory of high-level artists. The exhibition, which features works by nine European artists – Enrico Benetta, Diego Cerero Molina, Luca Di Luzio, Manuel Felisi, Michael Gambino, Veronica Montanino, Tommaso Ottieri, Giorgio Tentolini, Simafra – evokes the broader concept of city-bridge between the West and the East with a unique fusion of different religions, cultures and peoples that animate it to the innumerable artistic, architectural and daily life stimuli.