Manuel Felisi. Nello spazio e nel tempo

Curated by Carlo Maria Lolli Ghetti

Opening to the public until May 11, 2024 Manuel Felisi. In Space and Time, an exhibition by artist Manuel Felisi, curated by Carlo Maria Lolli Ghetti and held in the spaces of Galleria Russo in Rome.

Following the great public and critical success of the Manuel Felisi 1:1 exhibition at the Carlo Bilotti Museum in Rome, Galleria Russo is pleased to present the new exhibition by artist Manuel Felisi. In Space and Time.

Manuel Felisi is an artist who challenges curatorial writing, creating works that speak directly to the audience with strong empathy. His art, which transcends semiotic analysis, evokes a universal and transversal depth, taking viewers to the edge of a temporal chasm. His works, layered with materials and colors, create a perspective reminiscent of the techniques of Brunelleschi and Leonardo, with the last photographic impression serving as a personal signature. Felisi’s art is not limited to time, but explores space and proprioception, inviting a broader and more enduring conversation about his works.

A monographic exhibition that explores Manuel Felisi’s use of space and time, which have always been intrinsically connected in his artistic research.