curated by Marco Graf
9 settembre - 20 ottobre 2015

La mostra personale di ManueLa mostra alla Galleria Russo di Istanbul presenta le ultime opere di Manuel Felisi, nelle quali l’artista affronta il tema delle persone sott’acqua. A volte da soli, a volte in gruppo, i protagonisti sono sempre nudi e si tuffano sott’acqua: la composizione delle opere segue una complessa The exhibition at the Russo Gallery in Istanbul presents the latest works by Manuel Felisi, in which the artist deals with the theme of people under water. Sometimes alone, sometimes in groups, the protagonists are always naked and dive underwater: the composition of the works follows a complex syntax consisting of a light monochromatic background, on which floral ornaments and floral motifs are set. On top of this rather graphic and decorative motif, a human figure can be seen in black and white, which creates a contrast with the colorful texture of the floral grid, a distinctive and characteristic element of the artist’s entire production with a surreal and final effect. dreamlike. As if the artist wanted to erase all realistic and contextual connotations, Felisi directs the viewer’s attention to the physical action of the body and the aesthetics that his extreme movements cause underwater. Suspended between the layers of various motifs and ornaments, the body itself becomes an object of pure visuality and visual desire, as the curator of the exhibition, Marcus Graf, recalls.