curated by Marco Di Capua
18 ottobre-8 novembre 2014

Manuel Felisi’s first solo show in Rome, curated by Marco Di Capua, confirms the Gallery’s ever-increasing attention to contemporary research, further strengthened by the imminent opening of the new headquarters in Istanbul, a city that in recent years is proving to be one of the capitals international organizations more attentive to the new evolutions of art.

The Milanese artist, already known to the general public for his ability to be able to integrate urban landscape and natural landscape, will exhibit his latest works: large paintings composed in turn of many small canvases placed side by side.

 These works perfectly tell the technique of Manuel Felisi who – as the curator of the exhibition Marco di Capua explains – “works with acrylic and resin, old interior decoration rollers become backgrounds on which he prints his photos of trees, retaining of the plant world a special specter, a shape, a hoarse shadow that reaches out and asks for space, imprisoning it “.

Felisi, with a modern and contemporary language, manages, in an original and innovative way, to make traditional painting dialogue within his works with the most recent image processing techniques, creating a suggestive and enchanted atmosphere, in which the delicate colors vibrate with soft harmony.