Two critics and four artists. Galleria Russo opens its doors to the public for the third edition of Match, an ideal clash along the new languages ​​of contemporary art in which Lea Mattarella and Chiara Casarin confront each other through the artists they have chosen: Iole Capasso and Maria Elisabetta Novello from one side and Adriano Valeri and Luis Israel Gonzales on the other.

The Embroideries and Lyrids will be exhibited by Maria Elisabetta Novello. In the former the technique of drawing is used, in the latter painting. In both cases, Novello uses its essential material: ash, obtained from the combustion of different woods (maple, rosewood, pine). Iole Capasso’s photographs evoke a nocturnal Naples full of mystery and magic, in which the continuous use of fantasy and imagination renounces to pose reality: wagons of trains and lifeboats of a ship alternate with a film that he goes on alone in the darkness of a gallery traversed by ghosts, to a sleeping beauty among the buildings or to “a surreal girl in curlers caught in a situation that would make Magritte envy

Valeri and Gonzàles Sosa were both born in the Eighties, one in Milan, the other in Sagua la Grande in Cuba: in both artists we are faced with a vision that, as Casarin observes, reveals a real ecology understood, as a “study of the interactions between living organisms and their environment”. The techniques are different: on the one hand the pencil or charcoal drawing, made up of “slow and accurate signs in detail”; on the other, “painting in small backgrounds without guiding sketches, rich in broken tones that make up the chromatic rhythm, involving, intense and overexposed”