20 october 2023

Isabel Alonso Vega – Jesus Herrera Martinez – Christian Breed

It opens Thursday, Oct. 19, the presentation exhibition that Galleria Russo dedicates to Isabel Alonso Vega, Jesus Herrera Martinez and Christian Breed, three new artists with a vibrant stylistic signature, capable of elaborating hybrid forms of expression that interpret our time.

Refined openly conceptual research, in which volumes of ultra-contemporary sensibility dialogue with rigorous compositions poised between the classical and metaphysical and with dynamic abstract and aerial geometries.
About 20 works divided into three rooms, one for each artist who places at the center of his research an interest as much in becoming the demiurge of his own universe, with its own unmistakable artistic and iconographic identity, as in narrating the current one.
“NEXT,” the title chosen for the exhibition, reveals its theme, which is that, very topical, of a reflection on the new languages of the contemporary.