TATO. Sixty works of the master of airpainting

Curated by Salvatore Ventura
5-28 febbraio 2015

On show more than sixty works that describe the artist’s particular predisposition for the aerial and realistic vision of the world and his search – as Ventura explains in his critical text – for a painting “that breaks the traditional schemes of the triple dimension: that gives the sign of freedom in spaces, and allows to merge together the rigid line of a wing spar with the multicolored carousel of an underlying landscape: that knows how to intersect air, land, sea in an infinite variety of interpenetrating planes; that shatters, pulverizes, evaporates, in a rainbow of very fast sensations, the lazy palette of traditional colors, to the point of giving us a visual spectrum of the landscape in flight, responding to the new human experiences created by twenty-five years of aviation activity. “

Among the paintings present at the Russo Gallery are some works of great historical importance: Flying over the Colosseum in a spiral, already exhibited at the recent exhibition dedicated to Futurism at the Guggenheim Museum in New York; Parachute jump (Sensazioni di volo), exhibited at the first aeropainting exhibition in 1931; the rare Still Life of 1921, signed with the pseudonym Olga Mazzieri; the series of War Airplanes built in the mid-1930s and, as evidence of an important milestone reached by the Italian aviation, the tempera on kraft paper Idrovelocità (Folgore rossa piloted by De Bernardi who overcame for the first time in 1928 the 500 km / h).

In the catalog, critical texts by Salvatore Ventura, Maria Fede Caproni, Mariastella Margozzi and Beatrice Buscaroli.