Tommaso Ottieri. Stabat Mater

Curated by the critic Maurizio Vanni Stabat Mater, it is the first anthological exhibition by Tommaso Ottieri at the MARCA – Museum of Arts in Catanzaro.

The project and the realization of the exhibition were born thanks to the meeting of the Provincial Administration of Catanzaro, the Rocco Guglielmo Foundation and the Russo Gallery in Rome, in order to focus on the production of a contemporary artist of strong interest and marked personal character. Not a simple exhibition but a true anthology, enriched by a video-documentary made by the Art Doc Festival Cultural Association, which allows you to immerse yourself and be moved by the progress and development of Ottieri’s work. Son of his own time, the artist identifies with the historical moment, in the here and now, trying to transform the general and epochal sense of bewilderment by re-appropriating elements common to the collective imagination, reworking them. In his works, in fact, Ottieri tries to shift the attention of the viewers from a simple iconographic research towards a decisive and profound investigation of architectural forms and particular physioneering, intended as a personal expression of the spectrum of eternity.

The exhibition will present a work, as the artist says, in which architecture is not his primary interest; his project, in fact, is linked to colors. In his works he does not seek the subject, but his soul reflected through color, matter and light. The latter becomes his hallmark, his signature, the substance that animates his works, which creates a very personal vision of reality and is resolved in the unlikely relationship between colors and light, to readjust the composition.

Ottieri- Stabat Mater
Tommaso Ottieri
Stabat mater
curated by Maurizio Vanni